Friday, February 12, 2010

Celine Dion

On the plane from Toronto to Ft. Lauderdale, I read this week's People magazine which features Celine Dion on the cover. Celine has decided to make her infertility journey public...very public. In the article she talks about the process of the daily monitoring, hormone injections, multiple IVF procedures as well her four failures. While I do admire her for bringing this important topic to the public that IVF doesn't always work on the first, or second or even fourth try, there was one part of the article that rubbed me the wrong way; Celine is quoted saying, "I"ll keep tyring until it works". What about those of us, who can't keep trying until it works, because the money will run or it will never work? IVF is expensive and donor egg IVF is even more, I can't imagine A. and I being able to do another fresh round if we find ourselves unsuccessful. So while I truly thank Celine for taking a public stand and sharing her infertility journey, I am once again reminded of how money really can buy happiness.


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  1. I haven't seen that article, but I have been seeing her on tv a bit this week. Our local news was reporting that she is being seen at NY Presbyterian. When they said she was being treated in NYC, I just assumed it would be at Cornell, so I'm kind of surprised. I was thinking we should write to her and tell her to go to CCRM! She could certainly afford it and the genetic testing would be much better for her! ;-)
    It is kind of annoying that she is so positive that she will have success, but I also think it is good that she is bringing some recognition to it.