Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What Are the Chances

I am still torn about the dress situation and have not fully decided what to do and probably won't until I am in the store tomorrow. I did call the store today to get some information about my choices and this is how the conversation went.

Me: Hi, I am a bridesmaid in a wedding in August and I may be pregnant, what should I do about the dress size?

Salesman: Oh that is so funny, you are the second person to ask that today. The first was a girl who is 6 weeks with a wedding at the beginning of August and doesn't want the bride to know.

Me: What did you tell this girl to do?

Salesman: Seeing as she was quite petite, I told her to order two sizes bigger. It would also depend on your dress style.

Me: Mine is 7002.

Salesman: So was hers.

Ok, in my mind I have this all figured out. She is referring to the my cousin's other cousin on the other side (if that makes sense). I can't figure out how I feel about this. Normally, I am in hysterics at the onset of hearing about someone's pregnancy, but this time I find it comical. Yes, she has only been married one year next month, and yes, she is a few years younger than me, and yes, it probably worked for her on the first try, but it is what it is. But in all honesty, what are the chances?



  1. You know, when I read the salesman's comment about it being the same style & for a wedding at the same time, my first reaction was "Oh shit" and you have to understand that I don't swear.

    You're right - what are the chances?

  2. Oh jeez. That is so freakin' annoying! I'm so sorry. I hope you are out-bumping her by then, and I can GUARANTEE you'll appreciate your pregnancy more than she does hers...she might disagree, but we infertiles know better. Hang in there.