Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cycle Day 1

I can't believe that my period came before expected. I was told it would arrive between eight to ten after the PIO (progesterone in oil) shot, but it came after six days. I feel relieved. I need my hormones to rebalance themselves as I am certain this is what has been causing my depression and severe mood swings (among the news of my massive failure as well). A. is trying to be supportive, but he has limits. My bitchiness is out of control and I think I am taking out all my frustration on him. I feel bad about that.

I started taking Estrace today to prime my lining. It is part of my new protocol. We are going to use Estrace and Prometrium for a month to prepare and then gear up for the FET. I am SO hoping this is the magic protocol I have been waiting for. I really just cope with any more disappointment or bumps in the road.


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  1. First of all--congrats on an awesome day 3 report! You are going to get a lot of frozens!

    And I'm sorry for how bad you've been feeling lately. I'm sorry for the arguing with your hubs, that is always hard. You're just under so much intense pressure right now, and while I know you already know this, YOU did not fail. Your lining simply failed to grow thick enough, but it's got nothing to do with you. Hopefully the new protocol will do the trick and you can move forward with the FET and you'll be well on your way to parenthood. Hang tough.