Monday, March 1, 2010

Keeping Distracted

I am trying desperately not to think about the next three weeks. I am trying so hard to distract myself, that I am actually tired from the distractions. I do not allow myself to have a free minute to let my mind wander and for the most part, this has been a really effective strategy for me.

Tonight was no exception. I recently just purchased a new cookbook, Friday Night Dinners, by Bonnie Stern (a local Toronto chef). I love reading cookbooks and watching cooking shows on television. It is sort of an addiction actually. I could spend countless hours in front of the TV watching Rachael Ray, Giada, Boby Flay or even Barefoot Contessa. I feel like I know them personally from the amount of time I spend watching them on TV. I remember when Rachael Ray got engaged and I found out because one day she was ringless and the next day, it was there. I know...I need a life. As much as I love watching and reading about cooking, I also enjoy trying out new recipes (what I don't like is making mundane dinner).

What I really like about this cookbook in particular is the way it is organized. It's by complete meals instead of type of food. Each dinner starts with a cocktail (oh how I wish I could drink), appetizer, entree, sides and dessert. All I have to say is Yum-O! Tonight I decided to make A. a special dinner. I thought I would find the most challenging, time consuming dish in the book and success, I found it...pierogies. The menu was grilled lemon and rosemary chicken breasts, brussels sprouts and potato and onion perogies. Delious...yes, but now I am exhausted.

The pieriogies were surprisingly easy to make, just labour intensive. First you have to saute the onions and boil the potatoes as if you were making mashed potatoes. Then you combine the potatoes with the onions, egg, salt, pepper and butter or oil. Scoop the mixture in small amounts onto a wonton wrapper and push the sides together with water. Boil for five minutes and voila...pieroigies. I think it took me an hour and half to make them. I was definitely distracted.

Now, I think I am going to sit in front of the TV and dive into the world of Jack Bauer on 24. Oh what a night!



  1. I am a total foodie too! Have you ever picked up Cook's Illustrated? I find their articles about how to make the best version of recipes and the science behind the cooking very interesting. I also like Fine Coooking and I have an entire cupboard in my kitchen stuffed full of cookbooks and cooking magazines. It's fun isn't it but yes, very tiring.

  2. Yum cooking! I have to watch it or I will just watch cooking show after cooking show!