Thursday, March 11, 2010

Home Remedies Part 2

My obsession with thickening my lining is continuing. Today I bought aromatherapy essential oil to add to the sitz bath. I didn't know what to buy so I consulted with an expert. At first she recommended Rose for me, but on second thought changed her mind. Rose is a strong oil and can irritate. Aside from not wanting to hurt down there, I also have bad skin from all the hormones and she thought this would not work for me. She then introduced me to Neroli.

Neroli Bigarade or Orange Blossom is an essential oil from water distilled from the flowers of the Bitter Orange tree. To add to the bath you dilute 3 drops of Neroli into 1 tablespoon of oil. This can be worn as perfume, used for massages or added to bath water. It is said that aside from being a relaxer (which will move the blood flow to the uterus), it is also used to release emotional stress and anxiety. Now we are talking. This is what I like to hear, kill two birds with one stone.


Tomorrow is my phone call with the doctor, I am so nervous.


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