Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 5 Fertilization Report

I am over the moon excited right now. I was waiting for the call from the lab all day. It took forever. I finally caved and called them at 3:00pm (Mountain time). They called me back at 4:00pm. Here are our results:

Day 5:
2- 4AA
4- 3AA
2- 4BB

Day 6:
6- 4AA
1- 4BB

I know very little about the grading process (because I have never made it to day 5), but this is what the nurse told me:

- The number range is 1-6 and this is for the expansion. Apparently they don't see many 6s and she told me 4s were good (I'm hoping this is the case).
- The first letter range is A-C and this for the inner cell mass (the development of the baby).
- The second letter range is A-C and this for the trophectoderm (the development of the placenta).

I think I am going to consult with Dr. Google on blastocycst ratings. I am so thankful for Ms. Perfect and A. right now, I am smiling from cheek to cheek.


  1. WOOOHOOOOO! Now you will have to decide how many kiddos you want..6, 12, 15??? :)

  2. Um WOW! In three IVF cycles, we only ever managed to get one AA. Your donor's ovaries are freaking rockstars!!!