Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chillin' With the Oldies

I spent the day with my grandma. She lives in a condo and the social club organizes outings every month. Today was a trip to the casino. I wasn't working (have I mentioned that I LOVE exams) so I joined along. I was the youngest person on the bus by at least fifty years. No kidding. On the bus, she took the opportunity to ask me if I was starting to try for a family. My response, "that's for me to know and you to find out". She dropped it. I'll admit, I was smiling inside.

We had a blast. We first played black jack, but we were betting like fools, so even though at one point we were up a few hundred dollars, we eventually walked away from the table empty handed. After lunch was when the real fun began. We hit the slots. I am not typically a slots girl, but I only had $10 left to gamble with so I thought, why not. We found a $0.05 Wheel of Fortune machine. It was so fun. It kept my attention and enjoyment for an hour. I ended up leaving with $63.00 so I thought that was great.

It was so much fun hanging out and spending time with grandma. I am so lucky that she is an active part of my life.

Symptoms: aside from cramping, nothing to report.



  1. $63 is great! You are so lucky that your grandma is still with you. I lost my grandma suddenly in 2006 when she had what we think was a stroke. It was the worst day of my life, by far, and my heart aches daily from missing her.

    My DH and I love to go to this chili place near our old house, where only cash is accepted and we are always the youngest people in there by 50 years. :)

  2. $63 sounds like a new pair of shoes to me!