Monday, June 21, 2010



Still no fetal pole or heartbeat, but the sac is growing. It was 1.14 and now it is 1.8. (mm?). It is measuring exactly where I should be and there is the yolk sac. My local RE doesn't think its viable when looking at my non-doubling betas (even though) they are increasing and the two scans, but she is not willing to make the call. She wants me to come back on Monday for another scan. A. is totally on board with this, I just want the limbo to be over. I am waiting for CCRM to call to discuss.

I want the D&C, but am not going to get it. My dr said that she would not recommend it for me as my uterine lining is already thin and it could do damage to it. I may take the horrible pill, just to get it over with.

I'm doing ok at the moment and I'll update after I hear from the big guns.



  1. Arggggg...sorry just logging on and off while cleaning cabin. Another week...brutal!? But what can you do...nothing and that's the frustrating thing. If you do take the pill, ask also for a prescription of buscopan. It helps to calm the uterine cramping and might make it more comfortable for you. I know it's even harder when you want to do one thing and DH wants to do the other...looking forward to hear what CCRM says. But not encouraging that there's no fetal pole...wish it were a different outcome.

  2. So glad you decided against the D & C. You made the right decision and will not have to worry about scarring. Remember, it is still very early, so it will be much easier on your body. We all wish it was different, but it is better to know now, than to have it keep growing and have more pain later.


  3. Hi there... I am SO sorry to hear about your newest struggles. I don't really log onto the ivfconnections boards anymore since my loss - but I have been checking your blog sporadically as i have wanted to see how YOU are doing. I was so disappointed to see your updates of the past week. You think you get to a certain point and you'll be safe in the pregnancy and then BAM, fate pulls you in another direction.

    Since my loss I have been hearing a lot of people say that "there must be a reason for it". I don't believe that - but I do know that I won't let the loss go unavenged and will try again to bring another baby into the world. I hope that should things not go the way I am PRAYING they do for you.. that you are able to pull yourself up from this horrible situation and have the strength to make another attempt when you are ready.

    All I can say is that I am thinking about you and continue to hope and pray that things work out for you. It should not be this hard!

    Best, tbb1

  4. Ugh, inconclusive! Limbo continues - that sucks. I wonder what CCRM will say...I hope you hear from them soon. (((more big hugs))))

  5. I am sorry for the limbo. I hope CCRM can give you the information that you NEED.

  6. Oh hon, I am so sorry! This limbo has got to be wearing at you. Hoping the CCRM has some thoughts and you can make a decision from there. Big hugs to you!

  7. ugh R. im so sorry there was no FP or HB. so very sad for you. and i hope as the others do, that you will get some answers from the "big" clinic.

  8. Are you friggin kidding me?? Just when you think that this IF sh*t can't get any harder, it does. I'm so sorry this is so inconclusive. I wish you clarity and some definitive ultrasound images.