Friday, June 11, 2010

Oops it They Did it Again

Remember the bridal salon and how they divulged private information about the pregnant bridesmaid? They did it again. Our dresses came in and of course, mine is huge. Actually it so big, that me and the bride could fit into it, but I guess that's what I deserve for making plans. I have always said that when you make plans, they get scrunched up, ripped a part, thrown out a window, set on fire and then laughed at, so it serves me right. My sister's dress however, is too small. She isn't showing yet, but she is feeling fuller in her mid-section and will be five months at the wedding. She decided to order more fabric, secretly as she hasn't come out yet to the world. The store called the bride to tell her that the fabric was in. The bride was obviously confused and then called my sister to tell her. She made up some lie about needing the fabric and who knows what will come of it. All I know is my sister is crazy mad (doesn't help that her raving hormones have turned her into a lunatic bitch :)). In the end this is all so trivial and doesn't matter, it is just ironic that we were gossiping about the pregnant bridesmaid and now they are gossiping about her. Oh how the tables have turned. Things could be worse.


On an unrelated note, today was my final proctoring day and now it is on to the fun stuff...marking. Wish me good luck.