Monday, June 21, 2010


I hate that I have to ask this...

For those of you that opted for no D&C, were you given any medication to 'induce' the miscarriage, or did it start on its own after stopping the meds?

Thanks, I'm totally freaking out for today's appointment. I never thought I would be in this place.



  1. I'm sorry that you have to ask that, and I'm sorry that I can give you an answer. Sorry for both of us :(

    I mc'd in Feb this year. My baby died at 9 weeks. I opted for no D & C for similar reasons (scar tissue and associated risks). My OB just basically sent me away with instructions that I would probably bleed in a few days. My FS thankfully was a bit more thorough and told me that the bleeding probably wouldn't start until my hormones had dropped low enough. She ordered blood tests and at that stage (10 wks) my beta was still over 20,000 and my progesterone was over 200. She told me that the prog would have to get below 30, and monitored me with bi-weekly bloods until it happened.

    She explained to me that if she's doing a D & C she prefers levels to be lower indicating your body is ready to let go of things, rather than tugging and scraping at your uterus. Makes sense to me. She also said similar with the drugs (misoprostyl) in that some people report that it doesn't work for them, but again, it will work better when your body is ready to release.

    So, at 12 wks I started spotting (exactl 3 weeks after we suspect the baby died) slightly. Blood tests confirmed that my prog was now 32. So I dwelled on it all day but finally took the drugs. They started working within 15 minutes and my mc was completed 24 hours later.

    Please feel free to contact me if I can help you at all...

    Be gentle on yourself. It's waves you have to ride, sadly, but you can do it.

  2. When I had our ectopic, I was given methotrexate. That was several years ago. I don't know if that is used still.

    I am thinking of you today, and holding you in my heart.

  3. Mine started naturally on a Thursday and by Saturday I had passed 95%. Went back to see my doc. that following week and she did give me meds to pass whatever was left. I had just hit the "7 weeks" mark back in March. I am still having bloodwork done (hoping this is my last this week)to make sure HCG is completely down. I am also back on BP now as well. My prayers are with you.

  4. I miscarried in February at 9w0d - that was the day the saw no heartbeat on the ultrasound. I chose to try to let it come naturally - my doctor say they would let me try naturally for a week, if not then they'd give me misoprostil, and if it didn't happen a week after that, then a D&C.

    Anyway, about three days after the no heartbeat ultrasound, I had pretty severe cramping, kind of like menstrual cramps, for about three hours, but no blood - dr said one more week since my body seemed to know what it should do. Then 6 days after the cramping, the 'conception product' came out first, and then blood, blood, blood, for 24 hours straight. It was a lot of blood.

    But I have to tell you, it didn't hurt NEARLY as much as I thought/they said it would. Frankly, I've had more painful menstrual cramps.

    I know it is so hard, and I'm so sorry that you have to go through this. For me, having the fetus come out naturally was important so I could process the loss.

  5. Mine happened naturally.... It also lasted several days but the first day was the worst.

  6. I was told by my nurse that cared for me for my DNC to eliminate my molar pregnancy (had to do DNC) that I do not want the meds. She said they bring on the miscarriage more intense. But from comment above it doesn't sound like it was so bad. But whatever method you choose, I would ask for repeat ultrasound and betas for week or weeks after m/c to make sure all of the conception contents are out to avoid infection.

  7. Last time it happened to me, it was a year ago and my HCG had dropped dramatically. It was also very early. I stopped all meds and it was gone shortly thereafter, like a period with way less bleeding that I thought would happen. Someone mentioned blood levels, and I think that may be important. I did not take any meds and it was fine. Wish I had done that the time before, as I had to have surgery to correct scarring from the D & C.


  8. I had a missed m/c at 8 weeks and waited 10 days for something to happen as I preferred no medical intervention if possible...nothing, not even a speck of spotting. I then took misoprostol and it was horrible for 3 days - I ended up in emergency because of all the intense bleeding. Even after all that there was 1 cm of tissue still left behind so I had to have a D&C. All told the m/c took over a month to happen. Looking back I would have had the D&C right away but hindsight is 20/20. Good luck whatever you decide and I still think you could get good news today as your u/s was REALLY early.

  9. When I m/c, I wanted the drugs or a D&C...anything to make it happen faster so I could move onto the next cycle and another chance to get pregnant. Thankfully, my doctor did not recommend that I do either but advised me to wait and let my body m/c naturally. It took a while, probably about a month from start to finish and they made me come in for repeat beta tests all the time so we watched the number go up and then come down again. My beta numbers were never very high, the highest level being in the 500's and they never doubled right from the start. The actual m/c was on a Saturday and I had gone to St. Lawrence Market with my DH since we didn't know when it was actually going to happen. I was walking around and you know how busy it is there on a Saturday and life was rushing on around me and all I could think was "Hey! I'm having a m/c here...doesn't anyone care?" I started having lower back pain and cramps like AF and we decided to go home. I lay down once I got home and then had a few strong rushes of blood (sorry if that's TMI) and then it was out and all over. It started on its own after stopping meds and when my beta levels had dropped enough. I really hope you don't need this information as I echo the pp in that you had a really early first u/s.

  10. With a blighted ovum -I had a straight D and C. No drugs - just went to sleep and woke up and it was over. My doctor waited for a week with me - but it just wasn't happening so surgery it was.
    I am thinking of you lots and hope that you are hanging in there.