Saturday, June 12, 2010

Recipes Needed...Please!

I am not complaining, I am not. BUT, milk is disgusting. I mean really, does anyone really enjoy the taste of a nice cold glass of milk? (A. does and he thinks its hysterical that I want to gag every time I drink a glass!) I am trying to drink two full glasses of milk a day and also eat dairy to get my calcium up. I do take a vitamin, but I have never been a milk drinker so I am feeling like I have a lot of catching up to do.

I have tried a few strategies to make it easier to drink but so far nothing is working. I try to have the milk extremely cold (no ice cubes though), try to down it as fast as I can, but then the taste accumulates and it is so overpowering, I try to drink little amounts throughout the day, but then I get angry when it is 10 pm and I still ned to drink more. I would love to have skim chocolate milk, but I'm still not having caffeine or chocolate so that is out (please no thoughts on the caffeine thing). So I'm stuck.

I need your help (yes, Mrs LC, I'm talking to you and all you other closest chefs). Please give me some ideas for high calcium recipes as this milk thing is killing me, one sip at a time.



  1. Are other dairy products no good either? Yogurt, cottage cheese (add some of your favorite jelly/jam and fruit to either)? Or just regular cheese as a snack? Or milk in cereal? So that it gets sugary and doesn't taste like milk anymore? Or added to hot oatmeal/cream of wheat?

    I personally LOVE milk, and have been craving all dairy products more during this pregnancy. Just had greek yogurt and peach/mango jam for breakfast. Mmmmm.

    But they say don't beat yourself up over food aversions, and just try to eat the best you can. If you are taking a calcium supplement, then that is fine too.

  2. I'm so with you on the milk thing! Eww!! The only caffeine I'll let myself have is what's in Hershey's syrup (the kind w/added calcium) because I figure the calcium is better for me than the negative effect of the tiny bit of caffeine (though I certainly respect your choice!).

    Mostly I stick w/cheese & yogurt rather than the chocolate milk. You might also try ice cream or frozen yogurt. Along the cheese lines, things like lasagna or cheese enchiladas would be higher in calcium. I also take a calcium supplement every night w/my prenatals....

  3. What about making it into a smoothie? I despise yogurt, but have been trying to make a smoothie in the mornings to be more healthy. Some frozen fruit, yogurt, and even a little orange sherbet.

  4. How about calcium fortified orange juice?

  5. Maybe try soy milk?


  6. What about strawberry milk? No caffeine, and all deliciousness. Or like Patience said--smoothies made with milk and fruit and maybe a scoop of protein powder?

  7. Decaf latte at Starbucks? Cinnamon dolce is so yummy.


  8. I was told that one glass of the calcium fortified OJ was as good as a glass of milk calcium wise so don't stress about it too much. You could also try tofu blended into a smoothie. In the Asian supermarkets, you can find flavoured tofu desserts - they come in varieties such as almond, fruit and plain. I like the almond flavoured one if you're going to eat it as it is. Try the plain in smoothies. I take it that since you don't like milk you wouldn't eat creamy soups? Those are made with milk/cream. Yogurt is really good. Tzatziki is also made from yogurt so you could eat that. Eat cheesecake if it makes you feel better as that is made with cream cheese. I was so nauseated throughout my 2nd and third trimesters that I ate a slice of pie almost every night because it was one of the only things I could keep down. Do what you have to do to get more calcium including taking a supplement and eating cheesecake :)