Monday, May 17, 2010


Remember how good things come in three? Let's recap:

1. I found great shoes for my cousin's wedding.
2. I won the floral arrangement at a bridal shower.
3. I sunk a basketball.

I do not think it was in the cards that my lining would be number three. I went this morning CD28 for another lining check. I'll admit, that I had let me guard down a lot and was feeling pretty good going in today. I felt reassured by my nurse that I am a slow and steady kind of gal and this protocol would get me to where I need to be. Yes, it was on my mind over the weekend, but honestly, I was not obsessing about it. I guess I should have.

My lining remained at 7mm. It may have increased to 7.1mm, but that is debatable at this point. I had a tech that is not one of the 'regulars' do my scan today. It was much faster than my previous other scans (not that I am complaining) and when she was finished, the write up was different. I again had some free fluid in my uterus (again, I am not too concerned because last time the nurse told this was normal), but she recorded the measurements differently. Instead of one endometrial measurement, such as 7mm, I was given to two. An interiar 3.5 mm and posterior (3.6 mm). Neither me nor my local nurse had ever seen measurements like this before. Even at the beginning of last week when I had some fluid, I still did not have it written this way.

I am no expert, but is it possible her findings are wrong? Is it possible that she miss-scanned me and my lining is actually a different measurement?

I guess this is what I am waiting the doctor to tell me today. I will update when I know more.


UPDATE: I finally heard from the nurse around 5:30pm my time. She had never seen an ultrasound report like mine before. (No kidding!) She showed it to the ultrasound lab and they had never one like that before either. Hum. Not.Feeling.So.Positive.

Basically, the bottom line is that I am going to get re-scanned tomorrow. We are hoping that my lining has not compacted (they usually write this on the report if it is the case, need I say more) and that everything will be fine. I am off work for a week starting on Wednesday, so I may just go there and have them take over. So, for now, I keep going. I am trying really hard to keep up my positive momentum, but I am so angry that I didn't insist on getting re-scanned this morning. UGH!


  1. Thanks for the update R...hopefully not much of a longer wait.

    Unfortunately we have to wait another day...CCRM just called to re-schedule our initial appt. until tomorrow! Could hardly sleep last night I'm so nervous!


  2. Oh I am sorry! Why can't anything be simple?! I hope that the measurements are all good and that the RE has some thoughts for you. Thinking of you!

  3. Huh. I've never had my lining measured in two like that. My doctor takes different cross sections, mostly because I'm difficult.

    LastChance sent me here, as I've had a tough time growing a lining despite oodles of estrogen for the past year or so. We're doing a transfer on Thursday with a lining that measured anywhere from 6.4 to 7.2 depending on the dimension (anterior/posterior or lateral) and part of the uterus that was measured. My doctor believes 7 is the magic number, but swears he doesn't think it's a really big deal until it's less than 6. Of course, it's not his uterus or embryos we're talking about, either. He didn't want to give me any more time as he was concerned that it 1) won't grown anymore, and 2) something about the amount of estrogen I'm on bugs him a bit and he's worried I'll start spotting or sloughing this hard-fought lining. So here we are.

    Best of luck to you - I hope you get some clarity. And a thicker lining.

  4. I'm so glad that you are focusing on the positive - good job sinking that basketball! As for the lining and transfer, I'm feeling pretty good. I think you are going to get the go-ahead, assuming you want it, and that all will go well. I agree that people make too much about the number, and maybe 7 is just fine for you. It sounds like as long as it is over 6, which it is, you should be good. I hope you are feeling ok about all this. I know the suspense is killing you!

  5. Just read your update... I am angry for you! Another day of waiting, I am so sorry! Thinking of you.

  6. oh that sucks. our first ivf a nurse told me my SIL lining was 11 and then day of transfer it was 6.7 WTH?? the RE said one side was 7.4 and another side was 6.7. I never got what the mix up was about. Hope you have better luck tomorrow!!

  7. Last transfer when I had questions about my lining my local RE just emailed the images to CCRM and let them make the call...maybe they could do that for you?

  8. annoying. I will keep my fingers crossed that it was wrong and you will have a better number tomorrow...keep your chin up:)

  9. I'm sorry you're having so much trouble with the lining. You'd think that that part would be the easy part right? It is highly dependent on the tech that does the scan and I have had many different results from day to day depending on the tech so she could have gotten it wrong. I hope that the next check yields something more positive. Hang in there.