Monday, May 10, 2010


I emailed my nurse first thing this morning (she is much better on email than playing phone tag). I explained that since December, I have been in limbo and have felt on edge. I really need to get to a transfer and soon, before I loose my mind. I asked her to email me after she speaks with the Dr. to tell me his thoughts. I also sent her a list of questions to go over with him.

1. Have I had severe lining issues in the past? What was my lining for my September transfer?
Yes, I have had lining issues, however not this bad. In September my lining was 7.5.

2. Are there any medications that I can add to this cycle to improve my chances? No.

3. Is it possible to stay on the delestrogen injection for a few more weeks to see if my lining thickens up? As long as my lining doesn't start to compact.

I have no more answers than when I started. If you can think of any other questions for me to ask tomorrow, please share! I'm sure you know me well enough by now to realize that my anxiety for tomorrow is through the roof. I am so hoping that my lining has thickened, even a bit so I know that something is happening. I really need to get to a transfer. I can't allow myself to second guess my decision to go forward with donor eggs, when my problem may have been lining related. Why didn't anyone tell me about my lining issues in the past? I am so upset by this. It's all I have been thinking about for days now.

I really hope I have some good news to share tomorrow. For now, I guess, I just wait. You would think I would be used to that by now.



  1. I don't really have anything helpful to add or to ask, but I do think it is promising that your lining in September was 7.5. That just goes to show that you can make more progress. I did think that AshleyPenelope made some good suggestions on IVFC about maybe even stimming a little to build your lining. Do you know what your lining was during other stim cycles?
    I hope you get some good news soon. I'm so sorry for all this stress you are going through.

  2. what a pain in the ass that they didn't tell you about past lining issues. i happen to have had the opposite issue myself. right before they knocked me out for my first egg retrieval the doctor said wow, your lining is really soo thick then nothing, i was out like a light and when i got home that afternoon i was a mess thinking things wouldn't work out. my lining was a 16 and she had said it was an 18. either way too thick and goopy.

    i am praying for you that that lining thickened up just enough in order for you to receive your embabies. god knows you have waited long enough my friend.


  3. Hey R, we do think alike! Although I have not yet done an IVF cycle I was thinking the exact same questions. So I have no further questions to add. Just thinking of you...


  4. I'm really getting irritated at CCRM at this point. I don't like that their responses or their unwillingness to explore other possible routes.

    Why are our bodies so bizarre? My lining was also always bordering on too thick--19 mm once. Geez. A nice happy medium for everyone would be nice, eh?

    I wish I had some good advice, but I already used up my best suggestions and the CCRM God's poo-pooed them. Hmph.

  5. Sorry no suggestions - just thinking of you and hope that it goes well.


  6. Hope everything goes well today. Thinking about you!!

  7. I wish I had more suggestions. How frustrating!!!