Saturday, May 29, 2010


This morning I decided to catch up on some TV and I was watching the TLC show, "The Little Couple". On this episode, the couple travelled to California to look into family planning options. First, the went to a surrogacy center. I immediately tuned in more than I normal (this is something that we have to look into, but we are not there - yet). I was so disappointed and offended. The centre who apparently is very well respected, and has been in business for over thirty years made it seem as if the "real" parent was the surrogate. Basically, the surrogate chooses the couple and once she delievers looks at the parents to determine if they are "happy enough" and then gives them the baby. No. Fucking. Way. I hate this center. This didn't phase the couple in the least though. Maybe its just the huge amount of hormones I'm on. After they went to a fertility clinic to make sure everything checked out there. They were brought into a waiting romm and offered coffee. (Everyone know that any fertility clinic worth their name does NOT allow their patients to drink coffee, let alone serve it.). Basically, her baseline ultrasound showed 4 antral follicles. They then showed a preview of the upcoming season premiere and said they have an announcement - big guess they are pregant!

Today for the bachelorette we are going to a spa. I'm getting a head and neck massage (I cleared it with my nurse), I'm so excited. Tonight we are going for dinner and drinks, hopefully there will be some kinky games and embarassing moments (I'm crazy like that).


Symptoms: very tired, I couldn't get out of bed (probably the Endometriun?), the cramping continues but has moved to cover the entire lower abdomen.

Question: when do start POASing? Should I pee or dip?



  1. i say do it now! tomorrow morning it should show, no?

  2. Oh s***t. I just typed in this long comment and then didn't put in the word verification and closed the browser and lost it. Argh!

    The gist of what I said was don't drive yourself crazy with the peeing on a stick. I think I peed on about 20 internet cheapies between 5dpd5t and 7dpd5t. Get the good tests and only do it once or twice. Costco has boxes of 2 first response tests that are pretty cheap (I think it was about $8 for the two which is a bargain compared to Shoppers). Finally, collect in a cup if you don't pee in a straight stream so you can't second guess yourself with how the test was done.