Saturday, May 22, 2010

Doing my Part

That's right, I'm helping out the American economy. :) I spent a few hours at the Outlets at Castle Rock today. I love it there. In Canada, we have outlets, but not like in the States. The closest good outlet mall is the Prime Outlets in Niagara Falls, which is about two hours away, so I don't get there that often.

As I mentioned yesterday, I haven't shopped for clothes for myself in a long time. That strategy hasn't helped thus far, so I decided to throw caution to the wind and do some damage. I bought a few great summer tops, special socks for Tuesday and this bag. I loved the bag so much, that I bought my mother and sister one as well, only theirs is black.

When I returned to the hotel for a much needed nap I was met with flashing lights and the most annoying alarm in the world. Yep, the fire alarm was going. I ended up walking out of the hotel with another guest. Have you heard the expression gaydar? Well I have infertilitydar. The woman started to make small talk with me, so I took the opportunity to ask what she was doing in Denver, she said she was a Sky Ridge patient, my reply was that I go to the doctors across the street. She then fessed up.

We spent close to an hour chatting about our experiences with CCRM. Like me, she has been around the infertility block. Her problem, is not getting pregnant, but rather her fetuses have been deformed. So awful. It was really nice having an opportunity to have a face to face with someone who gets it. And not just gets it, but knows the same people and doctor's as I do. It was pretty cool.

The fire alarm was caused by the elevator. The fire department said it was safe to return to our rooms, but it the alarm may continue to trigger. Let me tell that on Tuesday and Wednesday, I am not getting out of bed for a fire alarm so the situation better be fixed!

As for tonight, I don't have any exciting plans, I'm pretty tired and tomorrow A. is coming bright and early and I want to be rested so that we can enjoy the next two days as a much needed vacation.



  1. I LOVE your new bag! I am even a little jealous. :) How amazing that you were able to talk to another CCRM gal face to face. Hope you are able to get some rest and enjoy your next two days in Denver before your Bedrest.

  2. Nice bag! A little retail therapy can do wonders!

  3. Love the new bag!! So cool that you met someone else to talk to while you're there....