Monday, May 24, 2010

Last Day of Innocence Continued

I emailed my nurse this morning and it's official...she thinks I'm nuts. I wanted to double check two things I heard.

Myth 1: Sex helps with implantation.
It is totally safe to have sex the day before transfer, however if it helps, still remains unknown. (I'm planning on covering my basis though ;))

Myth 2: Pineapple helps with implantation.
She had never heard this one. I like pineapple and have some at the hotel, so may just eat some anyway.


A. and I had another good day in the lovely city of Denver. At 8:30 am I begged him to get up so that we could start the day. I was so anxious and just needed to get out. We had a quick breakfast of cereal in the hotel and then headed downtown. The winds were crazy today, literally 40 miles/hour. It was nuts. We had a nice lunch at Rock Bottom. We then decided that due to the rain, we would skip walking the downtown core (its not like we haven't seen it before) and go to a movie. We both wanted to see Iron Man 2 so this was like a good idea. Did you know that across from the movie theatre (United Artists) there is a nail boutique? I found it last summer with my mom and went in again today. I had the most relaxing pedicure, they even scrubbed my legs with lemons and a hot stone! Of course, I painted my toes red. The movie was a good distraction and we both enjoyed it. After, we decided to get some takeout from PF Changs so that we would be home to watch the 24 finale. OMG, it was so awesome.

Do you remember this post? It happened again. This time inside PF Changs. Maybe it's me and I don't know how to lock the door properly. I am just literally thanking God that I wasn't inserting one of medications at the time, LOL!

The medications are driving me into a hormonal sunburned mess. (FYI- tetracyline makes you more sensitive to the sun and your regular sunscreen may not be enough, too bad I found this out the hard way) I have been very edgy and emotional and I think its the anticipation. A. has been a great support, but I think my moods are getting to him. I know he is nervous/excited too, but I think I am too high maintenance right now and am hogging all the attention. Sorry A.


Transfer is tomorrow at 2:30 pm. Thank you all for you well wishes, they are so appreciated!


  1. Well, since I'm the one who put the first myth into your head, I'll give an update on the second one as well. And yes, I know these are all purely anecdotal, but it is the core of the pineapple that you are supposed to eat. It has bromelain in it, which is supposed to help. I honestly don't know if really does, but, like the sex, it seems harmless enough so why not try it.

    I'm glad you had a relaxing day and thanks for the tip on the nail salon. I went to a different one last time, so I might check this one out.

    I'll be thinking of you at 2:30 today Denver time! Good luck!!!!!

  2. I'll second the core of the pineapple (or at least tell you I've heard it from multiple sources). Sending you so much good luck for today!! I'll be thinking about you all day!

  3. Good luck today!! I will be sending you many positive vibes all afternoon!!!

  4. Thinking of you! Hoping you are back at the hotel resting very soon!

  5. I have heard of the pineapple myth and sex myth too so you're not crazy. This stuff is more naturopathic in nature and the medical practitioners don't usually pay any heed to stuff like that. Do it if it makes you feel better - it can't hurt!