Friday, May 14, 2010


I couldn't slept last night. My stomach was knots and this morning when my alarm went off (at 6:00), I was already awake. All the way to the doctor's office, I was chanting affirmations to myself. There were a lot of patients this morning, so the wait for an ultrasound took forever (in reality probably 20 min). I had a tech that I haven't seen in a while, and when she reminded me of this, I realized yet again, how long I have been at this. She was really nice and supportive. She new my anxieties and walked me through the ultrasound. She showed me on the screen the triple pattern and explained that it looks like a sandwich. She also showed me each time she measured the lining.

Today it measured at 7mm. I am not sure what this means. I am happy that it is has increased, but am not sure if it is enough to warrant a transfer. Yes, people get pregnant with linings of 6 and 7, but is it with good odds? I am sick of being in the 50% or lower, I went to donor eggs to up my chances, do I really want to risk it with a sub-par lining?

I sent my nurse an email asking her (or preferably a doctor) to call me BEFORE they make any decisions. I have some thoughts that I need to go over with them.

- I'm thinking of transferring with a 7mm. The way I see it, I think I need to two transfers before moving to a surrogate. Obviously, I hope and pray it will work, but if it doesn't, I feel that in the time I would wait for the next transfer, I could have done two transfers.

- If they schedule my transfer for next Monday (or Tuesday), that would give me 3 or 4 more days on this protocol, that is what I need to get up to 7.5mm, which I would feel very comfortable with.

- If they let me proceed with this protocol for another 4 days, I am confident that I could get to 7.5mm.

- I need to know the statistics of my chances with a lining of 7mm and one of 7.5mm and one of 8mm.

So this is my plan for now. I always say that there is no point in making plans, because in the end you have no control over them, but I am going to hope that I at least get consulted before any decisions are made. I will update as soon as I have news. Thank you all for your thoughtful comments and support. It has been so appreciated!


Update: I just got off the phone with my nurse. I literally have been waiting by the phone for hours. I even took it to the bathroom with me! I was so nervous that my stomach has been in knots all day. I have been unable to eat or focus on anything. Anyway, she said that they are encouraged that it continue to thicken and that this protocol is working for me. They are going to recheck me on Monday. She said that unless my lining compacts (which is unlikely) I will get to transfer at some point. It is encouraging news. She also told me that your stats only go down drastically if you transfer under 6 mm.
7 mm is not ideal, but it is acceptable. So the limbo game continues...


  1. 7mm! That is progress! Are you feeling good about this? I am! I would totally try with 7. I'm eager to hear what the nurse/doc says.

  2. I'm glad things are moving in a positive direction! KUP on what the nurse/RE has to say about the chances based on lining variations, should be interesting to know what they think. Hang in there, sweets!! You've got lots of people sending fluffy lining vibes your way!!

  3. I hate being in limbo! I hate that you are in limbo! So glad that you are making progress, but completely understand your frustration. Hope you are able to talk to the RE and get some guidance on this. Thinking of you!

  4. I'm so glad for the progress, but sorry for the limbo! I hope you get good solid advice from the RE. I wish I could send you some of my overly fluffy lining...I would in a heartbeat.

  5. This sounds very promising! Fingers crossed that you get some answers soon that will alleviate some of your stress!

  6. Woo Hoo! This is great news! While I understand the limbo game, I hope you are going into the weekend with a heart full of hope. Your lining has gotten thicker, which is what we've been wanting ~ think positive and keep focusing on the desires of your heart.
    Things are looking up my friend!

  7. Linings are tricky. As I said to you earlier, mine never got above a 7. And no protocol ever got it any thicker. Having said that, my blood flow was always good and I had a triple stripe. At my last transfer it was at best a 6, which was the cycle that worked. I hope that your lining improves for next week's transfer. In the meantime, the limbo world is the toughest. I hope you have some fun plans for the weekend to get you through it. Fingers crossed!

  8. Hang in there, R! It does sound VERY promising!
    I so wish my daughter was at this are so in my thoughts and prayers!!! :)

  9. yay for progress! i am hoping that you just keep going, albeit slowly. i say go for it, but im impulsive like that :)


  10. 7mm and triple stripe is a really great start and you're right, the longer you're on the protocol that is working for you, the fluffier and thicker your lining will be. Sending you thickness vibes!

  11. I'm sure it will thicken a bit. Mine was at 7.2 and then I did a session of acupuncture and it went to 8 in three or 4 days. 7 is still ok, not what they want, but still ok.

  12. R. hope your lining thickens up. 1st IVF with delestrogen and patches my SIL lining only got up to 6.8. 2nd IVF we did 3x estrace vag and vivelle patches as well as noveral hcg and her lining at transfer was 8.7. Praying it will thicken up more before transfer day.