Sunday, May 23, 2010

Transfer is Set

A. is my hero...he fixed my iPod!!!!


My day started off early as usual. I was up at 5:45am...again. I lounged around until it was time to finally get up and start the day. I went to Target. Cassie told me about a great idea, she bought a shelf extender from Target and used it as a laptop table during her bed rest. Ingenious! The thing costs $6 and it fits over my belly. It is the perfect height as well. Thanks Cassie!

Then it was off to the airport to get A. I didn't realize how excited I was to see him, until he was sitting beside me in the car. I had kept myself busy over the last few days, that I didn't have time to feel lonely. We decided that we were both hungry and going to start the day off right, with breakfast. I had googled this restaurant and wanted to try it. O.M.G. It was awesome! I had a normal breakfast (eggs, potatoes, toast) and A. had this

Let me just say, peanut butter and banana pancakes with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and pecans (as Rachael Ray would say, YUM-O!) The restaurant was located in the Cherry Creek North area so after breakfast, we spent a few hours walking up and down the streets. In my four times to Denver, I had never spent time in this area, and it was so nice.

While we browsing in a store, I got the call. My transfer is officially booked for Tuesday. I was given my instructions: arrive at 12:45 for blood draw, then acupuncture and the transfer will be around 2:30pm. It is so real now. This is really happening. I almost can't believe it. I told A. and he just gave me a kiss, it was a special moment for us, one that I don't think either of us thought we would have anytime soon. I'm glad we were wrong.

We went back to the hotel as A. was pretty tired from the early morning flight. When I brought him to the room, he saw the two queen beds (I don't like to share when I'm on bed rest) and immediately made me switch. I had picked one because it was closer to the desk and the phone, but he made me switch to be closer to the bathroom LOL, he is so cute. A. has always been a great support during bed rest, however I haven't really seen him this concerned before. He also wanted me to make sure that the hotel had a wheelchair as the room is quite far from the elevator. He makes me smile.

Tonight, I want to check out another area that I haven't been, Greenwood. I don't know much about it, but I hear it has a good vibe, with shops, restaurants, a comedy club and a movie theatre that serves alcohol while you watch (not that I will be partaking).



  1. Holy cow on that breakfast! So glad A is there stop: TRANSFER!

  2. Hooray for getting the transfer scheduled!!!

  3. I'm so glad my "shelf" idea has caught on. I thought it was pretty clever. And that breakfast looks amazing - we'll have to check that place out. I'm so excited for you. I hope you have a great day tomorrow - run around as much as you can before your bedrest.

  4. That breakfast looks out of this world. Congrats on getting your transfer scheduled...I will be thinking about you!

  5. Yum is right! That breakfast looks amazing!

    Good luck with the transfer!