Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Outcome

I was really nervous going into today's regroup with the doctor. I didn't know what to expect and I really hoped he had some answers for me.

He told me that I do indeed have lining issues. He said that he has now seen me in three different cycles on three different med protocols and my results have been similar (give or take 0.5 mm), and because of this, he feels that this is the best I can do. He went on to tell me that the standard is 8 mm, but he does transfer over 6 mm. He thinks I will have a 15% decline in success from what he originally quoted me. So about 65%.

I asked about using a different protocol, and he told me that I am on the "big gun" protocol and it is the right one for me. Since my body doesn't produce enough Estrogen, a natural FET is not an option. Also adding stim meds or other forms of estrogen would not work. I also asked if I should repeat my hysteroscopy or have other tests run. He said that it wasn't necessary. I had to ask. I then brought up the idea of an endometrial biopsy. He told me that to date, it is not used for people in my situation with thin linings, but it may work.

So here is my plan:
A. FET 1 is now scheduled for Tuesday! He seems very confident that my lining can support implantation and a pregnancy.

B. FET 2 will begin as soon as AF arrives, we will continue on the same med protocol and add the biopsy.

C. FET 3 with a gestational carrier.

It is really hard to wrap my head around the fact that my body has failed me in two different ways. How is it that one person can have both egg issues and lining issues? It just doesn't seem fair.

So for now I am going to do everything to get my head around the upcoming transfer. I really need to hear some real stories of successful transfers with less than a 7 mm lining. The one thing the doctor told me was not to stress over the things I can't change. I can't change my lining. It is what it is. I just have to hope that I have enough pluses on my side to make this really work.


After the doctor appointment, we spent the day downtown. It was a gorgeous day in Denver, and we walked the city, ate lunch outside and even managed to do a little shopping in Barnes and Nobles (three guess for what I bought!).

I am going to take my new book with me to the doctor's office. My plan is to use it like an autograph book where every individual who played a role in getting me pregnant has a place to initial, write a message or sign their name. It will be a keep sake that I will treasure always (cue the corny music now).



  1. I'm so happy to hear you get to transfer on Tuesday!!! It really does seem unfair to have both egg and lining issues.... Hopefully you won't have to worry about it for a long while after Tuesday, fingers crossed for you!

  2. So glad to hear that your consult went well. I am keeping everything crossed for you that this is THE transfer!

  3. I'm hoping that there is only an FET 1!!!!!!

  4. Focus on the 65%...odds are still in your favor! But easier said than done. That's great that you've got a plan Hopefully you won't have to get past "A".

    I love the idea about the autograph book. Great idea.

    Today we booked our flights for our June 8th ODWU and told our clinic in Canada that we're switching to CCRM. It's been a crazy day - lots of phone calls but progress. I envision one day making a t-shirt for a baby that says "Made in the USA"...LOL!! I hope that vision comes true.

    Take care R...been thinking all day about you and DH.


  5. Yay for a Tuesday transfer! I will be thinking about you!

  6. I have everything crossed for you. Please keep us updated.


  7. I like 'the plan.' I''m hoping you never have to move beyond plan A!

  8. FET is ON!! Very exciting!! I'm hoping you never get to plan b or c.

  9. 65% sounds like GREAT odds to me! I am hoping that this works for you.

    When you think about it, women get pregnant every day without having their lining checked, so for all we know, perhaps there are loads of viable pregnancies with linings just like yours. . .

    Looking forward to hearing how it goes.

  10. I'm so glad that things are working out and that you are moving forward with the transfer. So will you stay for bedrest and then fly home on Thursday? That's when I'm getting in to Denver, so maybe we'll cross paths at the airport. I'll be keeping everything crossed for you!

  11. Congrats on the Tuesday transfer! I will cross my fingers for you that all goes well. Even with your lining issues, if the doctor is giving you a 65% shot that's fantastic! I think that very same doctor gave me a 20% or lower chance and look at where I ended up so he is thinking you have a good shot so take heart in that!! If you would like to do some acupuncture while you're there in Denver leading up to the transfer, I highly recommend Jane Gregorie of Acupuncture Denver. Tell her that the Canadian Kathy sent you to her - I went to her last year when I was there.

  12. Sorry for jumping in a little late (computer issues!). I wanted to remind you of my story. My lining always sucked and on the cycle that finally worked, I think at best my lining was 6 mm. Once I had it around 7 and it didn't work. So yes, lining is important but it's not everything. I know today is an important day for you, so I wish you the best.